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The Tequila Tester

Jul 31, 2019

When technology and tequila meet, we have the Tequila Matchmaker app which gives a wealth of information while creating a community. We talk with Grover Sanschagrin, the creator of the app, about how he moved to the region to be closer to the spirit. We also talk about some of the tequila he has been into recently and...

Jul 18, 2019

We sip through The Tequila Box, a curated box of boutique tequilas that are shipped directly to your door. The offerings include Ocho Plata, G4 Reposado, Adictivo Añejo, AsomBroso 5 Year Extra Añejo and Compoveda Extra Añejo. Hannah tells us about her company, Sip Tequila which aims to tell the story about...

Jul 11, 2019

Julio Gomez with Toro De Lidia tequila talks to us about the brand. We taste their aged offerings including their reposado, anejo and 9 year old extra anejo. We bull through these and move onto a mezcal and sotol while discussing the difference between the three. 

Toro De Lidia -